Thursday, August 30, 2012

wild turkeys , greenwood cemetery, spokane, wa

 well this was a pleasure to see these fellows meandering through Greeenwood Cemetery, Spokane, Wa
wild turkeys in spokane- they reminded me a bit of the guys from the Dark Crystal-
although I havent watched that in 20 some years so maybe - or maybe not.
we worried about whether or not the cemetery was closing or closed- til seeing several other car travelers moving through the place and knew that we were safe.
looking for the 1,000 steps as it seems to be main spot you find when searching for haunted Spokane. did not find it this evening instead did a fast ish tour of all the cemetery space there and then headed to pick up fruit at Huckleberries- we're we got some organic grapes that were yum and some what more affordable then usual. and then went for a swim.

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