Saturday, February 19, 2011

Other Indian Burial Ground issues in state of washington

Richland Burials - we won't build on burials... 
520 bridge  on top of Burials
Mount Coffin- gone gone 
Ancient Burial Grounds Grave Injustice: Federal Laws about Burial Remains put Politics before Science 

so i am officially obsessed now. something we say we protect yet well it doesn't seem the case.
i guess with the living being disrespected why should i be surprised the dead are as well?
and it seems not to many people at least that my husband has spoken to are upset at the thought of graves being moved or left and built upon?!
i am.
i am steaming .
i personally dont want to be buried - i want my ashes to be free to be as nomadic as i wish and desire to be....or to be eaten by birds and other predatory animals.
BUT if you want burial - 
if you pay and sign papers for burial....
you should have those honored at least until civilization falls and we all become a graveyard....
wtf - is this a seattle problem?
is this money?
i am ashamed .....

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