Friday, February 18, 2011

Comet Lodge what a history what a mystery

so , awhile back we visited a cemetery on our way home to north seattle from beacon hill in south seattle. we were visiting the world's biggest jade buddha at a Hindu temple, it was his last day in town before heading south.
our drive back we took the leaisurely route via sidestreets rather then the I- 5  and cam across a park no wait its got some gravestones , but wait it looks like a park.
now unfortunately whilst cleaning my computer ( which was more losing stuff then cleaning it up)
i lost a slew of images inc all from that day aside from a few posted from the actual Buddha visit.
so at present i have no images to share  but some links in the beginnings of this weird story that is a little too similar to a real version of poltergeist for my liking but there you go.
This like a lot of early pioneer cemeteries seems to suffer from records not kept or lost (somewhere lost in 1950s) as well as ownership issues , body removals no wait they didnt move the bodies and yes your house is atop the baby land part of the cemetery.
the city of seattle seems to have ignored orders from the county - this cemetery housed early seattle pioneers - who are still there but the graves unmarked, mostly.
from the 1930s onwards to present there seems to be a dispute of ownership and now existence entirely!
today i will speak to john dickenson  who appears to be the most knowledgeable source of information on this matter as a whole.
i do want to include some more links here and latter some photos
the place itself has a very weird an confused vibe to it.
I love the fact that there is someone fighting the good fight here-
and want to know if it's just money that leads to all this grave removal or not so much removal as the case may be.
Also interesting side note apparetnly in most places to move a grave officially one only has to more a shovel full of dirt and the stone itself?!
i had no idea!
here we go:

LAWS Protecting Indian Burial Grounds - Indian Burial grounds watch
internment data of comet lodge
mid beacon hill post article on comet lodge
John Dickenson at word Perc
letter from dept of construction and land use addressing NON EXISTENCE of cemetery
Daily UW news- comet lodge article

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