Monday, April 19, 2010

lakeview mausoleum Acacia Memorial Park & Funeral Home

so when one spreads one's obsessions to a wide expanse (say where once was limited to a handful has now spread to a multitude and
counting) are they still obsessions or is it an over excitement for life? and at last a more easier ability to find some niche wherever you might be to apply that days obsession.
this weekend it was cemeteries mostly (of course melded with love of exploration and photographic meanderings.)
so we went back to this cemetery the next day , as well as two others.
needed to see the lakeview mausoleum, which we did.
there were weird sounds, like chattering voices- tim and i went in separately but both heard the talking. there was so much sound from the japense garden and the acoustics were weird and well, who knows.

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