Saturday, April 17, 2010

Acacia Memorial Park & Funeral Home, Bothell, Wa 4/17/2010


a rainy day visit to the acacia cemetery. 
i wasn't expecting much but wow. what great design and well i guess it should be built by the masons in 1927. the font used throughout was beautiful art deco inspired. the flower preparation rooms were amazing perfectly spotless and prepared for applying the vases to the stones. i have never really seen such a place and we missed the lakeview mausoleum complete with Japanese garden! what?!
was a good place to do some HDR- it's illuminated almost entirely by natural light- 
would love to shoot more things here....


Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Cynthia Gockley said...

As a member of the Acacia staff, I enjoyed your pictures and comments. With your permission, I will add you as a link to my blog, Memento Mori ( Thanks!

Thendara said...

I would be honored to be linked with your website! I am glad you enjoyed the images- I really loved photographing the buildings at acacia and find it hard not to stop when i drive past!
kindest regards,