Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Majorca/mallorca, Spain

back in 1995 i went to majorca with my ex husband , it was our honey moon we were there in totally the wrong season, it was april and the air was chilly so tropical island it was not. i have just turned over these negatives from the heap of unidentifieds where it was residing. they are totally buggered the negs and badly processed at the time i was processing in a closet that was rather narrow and when the negatives didn't go on the spool well all hell broke loose in a tiny space amongst myself the canister the film and elbows and walls.
so their lack of identification and their foul processing has led them to be slightly lacking in contrast and completely reticulated . the reticulation of the film matched by it's being horribly scratched and marred which some would scoff at BUT i totally love for these images.
they are totally decrepit!
i just scanned the lot and i have never been so impressed with a reticulated film.

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