Saturday, January 30, 2010

tottenham, north london cemetery

north london, tottenham to be precise. arrive by train to bruce grove , from liverpool st station. walk towards the castle (bruce.) behind the castle grounds lies this cemetery. when i moved here my slr which was a hand me down from my great grandfather (used since the tender age of 15) and had started to allow light to escape inwards towards my films. so for these images it worked! the swirls of light leaks and ghostly exposures offers the perfect texture and sensation to the images. however it wasn't so great for trying to get work done for any publications or profit and the effects were uncontrollable and hit or miss. sometimes it added to the visual and others it took away. it can be seen increasing throughout prolonged use until eventually the camera hit the deck in Amsterdam and the light leak was no longer an added effect but more the ever present state of any photo i took.

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