Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern State Hospital Cemetery, Sedro Woolley

Northern State Hospital Cemetery.
It's been awhile but I am here . I seem to be stuck in the other world of this life in ruins a bit more then Cemeteries but I still do have alot of past images to plow through and more spots to visit.. suggestions?
This is the Northern State Hospital Cemetery where 1,187 patients were buried.
Every time we have been here it has been way too boggy in the cemetery to actually enter without feeling of sinking. Cemeteries do no elicit panic in me but they might do were I to begin to sink into one, I think that goes for most places though if I am sinking it's a problem.
If you like old buildings and the beauty and texture they bring please visit:
this life in ruins to behold the farm that sits next to the cemetery were the patients were buried which is always boggy.

Fantastic information about the hospital and it's cemetery can be found at the Skagit River Press which is put out by top chap Noel, who we had the pleasure of meeting last year during the N.S.H Tours.

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