Friday, June 14, 2013

Afterglow Vista , Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa

We spent a pleasant afternoon post Orca viewing wandering the streets of Roche Harbor.
Both Tim and Talula thought it was like the set of the show "The Prisoner" so perfect in initial appearance surely it could double as the t.v shows backdrop.
We meandered up through the white picket fences of the cemetery to the grand mausoleum atop the hill. Afterglow Vista.
Built by John S. McMillen 
founder of Roche Harbor. 
Listened to birds, enjoyed the moment. Intrigued by ghost stories of the area, supposedly the ghosts sit around their table and laugh and chat at midnight.
Talula wanted to return at midnight, of course I did too, but the locals wouldn't take kindly to that I am sure.
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