Monday, March 15, 2010

lakeview cemetery, capital hill, seattle

i have never been particularly into the finding the famous in cemeteries. if they are there i will look for them but initially that is not what leads me to a cemetery.
the vibe, the structures and the suspension of time are what ultimately drives me to explore any cemetery the inhabitants no more or less desirable due to fame.
so although i say this the trip to lakeview cemetery was primarily  initiated because i knew both bruce and brandon lee were interred there. 
i had a crush on brandon (post death- which is a weird crush for a teenager- conflicted ) after seeing the crow (as many a goth teen sure did.)
it's not a vast muddled cemetery in any way. and bruce and brandon are pretty much what i felt was the middle of it - perhaps with better views then most. 

we found them on a day when a man in a ford escort was there to clean the graves- he was a student of bruce lee style martial arts (Jeet Kune Do -way of the intercepting fist) and he was responsible for coming when a call was made to him saying the bruce's wife was coming to visit. Linda would be arriving sometime that afternoon. 
he talked to us for a bit before returning to his car to retrieve cleaning supplies. 
and part of me wanted to stay and watch  and wait to see Linda Lee.
but we didn't.
if only graves had periscopes from below as i am sure even the dead would appreciate the sweeping views this cemetery offers.

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